Midnite Run Toronto 2012

What are you doing on New year's Eve?

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Midnite Run Info

  • accurate, 5km run with super views of the Toronto Skyline
  • a unique course in a unique King Liberty Village neighbourhood (see course map)
  • chip timing, swag bag incl $20 sunglasses from Sun Dog (to protect your eyes from the fireworks)
  • personalized race bib
  • Runner's Gift (hat, toque, gloves, no tech shirt, it's too cold)
  • collector's item finishers' medal from the same supplier as the Boston Marathon and Ironman
  • finish line food and drink (not bagels and apples folks)
  • entertainment  (music, costume contest, drinking contests!)
  • Draw Prize every day in December, the 30 days of Christmas
  • prizes for the top 3 male, females and costumed finishers!
  • Master's Top 3 Male and Females
  • Prizes for top fundraisers (bring your own wheelbarrow full of dry goods for the Food Bank)
  • NO PRIZE MONEY...this is a FUN RUN!

Online Registration NOW CLOSED

However LATE REGISTRATION ON NOW AT BEER BOUTIQUE (120 Lynn Williams Street) Friday (3pm-9pm) and Saturday (11am-5pm) and at King West Fitness starting at 9pm till 11:30 pm.


The first 250 runners receive a BONUS  - a bottle of Prosecco (Italian Champagne) with entry fee AND all 500 runners receive a runners gift, swag bag and $20 pair of sunglasses, plus everyone who registers EARLY increases their chances of winning one of over 30 draw prizes. 


7pm - Volunteer and Race Crew Run (free)
9pm - doors open to the Party and the Run
9pm - limited race/party signup(cash only) and bib pickup
11pm - Costume Contest
12 am sharp - 5km run / walk starts
12:15 am - Reid Coolsaet comes in first...then everyone else :)
12:15 - 3 am - party, party, party
3am - go home
3:01 am - stick around and help us clean the mess, anything you find you can keep
5:00 am - the after hours party start around now, downtown Toronto will have many options


Pick up your race kit at the Beer Boutique, 120 Lynn Williams Street, Toronto, ON. Friday 30th December, 3pm - 9pm and Saturday 31st December, 11am - 5pm. 9pm - 11.45pm race kit pickup from King West Fitness.


Since either of our two race venues includes showers and change facilities, we have something to offer that NO OTHER race has ever offered.  If the idea of "just running" 5km does not intrigue you, or you are the type of athlete who takes 60-90 minutes just to warm up, here is something we will offer to 50 individuals, free of charge.   SEND us a box / bag (by mail, courier, taxi) or drop it off at Race Kit PickUp.  This package would contain some dry clothes and shoes (no valuables).  If we receive this bag before 5pm Saturday, Dec 31st, we can have it available for you when you arrive that evening...on foot....


That's right...maybe you and some friends want "one more long run" to cap the year, so consider if you are attending the party only and have a way back home via public transit or cab, RUN on over, clean up, and then party like there's no tomorrow...we just hope you aren't coming all the way from Ottawa, Buffalo or London.  For this special request please email david @ mynextrace . com


The venue for the pre and post Party is King West Fitness 171 East Liberty Street Toronto, ON M6K 3P6.

ALL run tickets as well as including your run include a free drink, finger foods, party favours and chances to win draw prizes. Party dress code....all over the map, you can dress up (formal), be sporty which will fit in or in a costume if need be, another chance to wear you recent Hallowe'en get up. Support the run by watching the start and finish which is right outside the Party venue. Food - Hot & Cold Snacks will be availalable for purchase. Beer and Wine is only $5, and a limited selection of spirits and mixable alcohol will be provided. Your 2nd or 3rd glass of bubbly is $8.

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